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2008-08-14 23:44:43 by LupoWarrior

he must be stopped, mad with power he deleted another one of my reviews, im sorry if you submit your flash and its more like flush of course im going to call it sh*t


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2008-08-14 23:45:54

what is wrong with MR.M-BOT?

LupoWarrior responds:

drunk with power, ect ect


2008-08-14 23:46:51

Who the hell cares? I've gotten about 2-4 reviews deleted, and i couldn't possibly give half a shit. So why should you?

LupoWarrior responds:

i care to an extent, and so do you at least enough to say something on this subject, i dont like the idea of the bots control vs freedom of speach, they shouldnt give us the power to vote and say and get mad when we use it


2008-08-14 23:48:00

That bastured O_o

LupoWarrior responds:



2008-12-17 10:10:34

don't be angry about deleted reviews, be proud and collect them and eventually you can showcase them! one new grounds member got to 100+ deleted reviews just recently and hes proud of it, I forget his name though...


2010-06-15 07:36:38

iv never hurd about M-bot