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newgrounds xp

2010-10-16 09:47:18 by LupoWarrior

it sucks that you dont gain points when you vote on art or music, yet our weighty votes can go against them when we visit the flash portal

branching out

2010-09-26 02:38:15 by LupoWarrior

i am planning on making a full song, but if all goes well i am going to have a friend help me with a much bigger project


2008-08-14 23:44:43 by LupoWarrior

he must be stopped, mad with power he deleted another one of my reviews, im sorry if you submit your flash and its more like flush of course im going to call it sh*t


2008-04-08 19:48:00 by LupoWarrior

a lot of sore *^&*(&'s out there huh ? another review deleted


2008-03-12 16:45:17 by LupoWarrior

amazing it seems it was nearly one third of my points were blam and two thirds were save points, almost exactly as if by design

the forum

2008-02-06 12:59:03 by LupoWarrior

in one month i had two reviews deleted, but newgrounds allows flashes with the N word written and spoken in it and it wasnt even a joke, it was blatant hate. The bot who patrols newgrounds has his weapons trained on the wrong things, and give it time, this as well will be deleted